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About barak667

Carbon-based... check Slightly insectoid... check Ability to turn kings into lemmings and lemmings into wilderbeasts... check
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

    • barak667 says:

      No, thus is a comment. Thank you but no instructional necessary. Deleting comments is the last thing on my mind. My little corner of WordPress has no fascist, totalitarian leanings. We read 1984…. Better to have a few bad seeds than a Monsanto-approved, quality-control apparatus overlording the apples.

      Write absolutely anything. I’ll have no shame because it’s not my opinion. Try me.

      “Ever since Sea World and that flamboyant, Western European, Vegas-transplant tiger vs. guy incident, It just disgusts me that OSHA ignores addressing obvious Circus Trainer safety regulations, like shooting up circus animals with a mixture of thorazine, ketamine, and other pharmaceuticals, or whatever needs to happen, to keep Killer Whales from being overly alert and instinctual.”

      … and It stays. Try me. I’m desperate. I’ll take any comment.

      Thank you Mr. WordPress,
      My very first comment! Hi, this is a comment… Not much of a comment at all. Arguably hollow. Just the same, thanks for saying hi and sorry to be so contrarian, but in these polarizing times, it’s best to jump the gun on the other guy; a pre-emptive measure set-up for a fili-buster, should he/she/it/other/BLT have hard-wired, passionate, relentless emotional need to find something to be oversensitive about, instead of enjoying a looser sense of expression that allows for doomed fearlessness and cosmic ease, and as a precaution, I’ve learnt to play it safe with an immediate monologue that gathers momentum and doesn’t stop until I’m disengaged socially, and once again, freed to go about my day.

      4 horsemen of the apocalypse to contend with, mad as hell, wondering what the fuck OSHA did to their horses, and totally sad but still ready to kick some ass. But instead of tag team Hulk Hoganing up with me in the yellow banana hammock, I got you jabbering in my ear about boycotting Honda because, unlike Subaru, they never wrote you back a thank you for your willingness to spearhead a focus group for a more transgender-friendly car that brings back the ash tray….

      Mr. WordPress, It’s not so much that I’ve pre-judged, it’s a pre-emptive tirade policy; It leaves no room for connection but also doesn’t take a chance on another random encounter where an allowance of a word in edgewise means, now I’m on the receiving end of endless self-indulgent prattle, more Diet than the safest opinion expressed on The View, crafted by a legend in their own mind, who’s cognitive dissonance will allow for absolute certainty of urban street smarts and total command of a rare folk-like wisdom, overlooking the hard truth that all too often, stark brass-tax reality, the best you got; that default conversation starter for when the dinner gets quiet, and in a panic, you hear yourself saying once again, “I really wish the ending for Die Hard 2 was way less violent, Don’t you?”

      Sorry, Mr. WordPress. I just can’t take that chance.

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